Please read the below letter regarding a national plan for communicating disease outbreaks.

In a nut shell, the AHC and AAEP are asking the industry to become a part of a national communication system for equine disease outbreaks..

Technology, email and social media can either be a great communication system or a cesspool of misinformation. The MN Horse Council is in favor of a national communication system and will be attending the AHC annual meeting in June.

Some questions:

... Has a disease outbreak affected your association/business?

Even if it hasn't, do you know of anyone affected (affected doesn't mean affliction - affected means transportation issues, quarantine issues, etc). If so, what state were they in?

What do you think should be part of the AHC proposed plan? Not the veterinary action items, but what does the INDUSTRY need to do to protect itself?

What questions do you have about such a plan?

Questions can be sent to:

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