Become a member of the American Horse Council

The Minnesota Horse Council Board of Directors encourages MHC members to also become members of the American Horse Council.  The AHC is offering a $10 discount on a first year membership when entering the discount code:  SHC10.  



Become a Legislative member ($50)

  • Quarterly roundup of the issues impacting the industry and other noteworthy articles with the AHC News
  • Keep current of contacts within your state, at the various breed registries, racetracks, state horse councils, and more with the yearly Horse Industry Directory
  • Learn how to effectively get in contact with your member of Congress with the Grassroots Lobbying Guideline
  • Up to the minute information on legislation and regulations with our Washington Update
  • Save money! AHC Members receive discounts with Hertz car rental, John Deere, Nationwide Insurance, Redbrand Fencing, HotelStorm, and MORE
  • Display your support for the AHC with an AHC window decal

Most importantly these memberships support the work of the AHC does in Washington DC and helps keep individual horse people engaged and up to date on what's going on in Washington.  We encourage you to participate in the membership program to support the many initiatives of the American Horse Council.  For additional inform on the American Horse Council, visit

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