Direct Funding Application

Application Information

Examples of appropriate Direct Funding projects:

  1. Offering clinics, seminars, and speakers that are open to the public.
  2. Producing brochures, videos, web pages, signs, etc. for starting new programs.
  3. Purchasing equipment or supplies for special projects.

Examples of activities that are NOT appropriate Direct Funding projects:

  1. Activities that benefit an individual, an individual business, or only the members of your club.
  2. Funding for typical operating expenses or annual awards of a club.
  3. Funding for an organization also requesting funding from our GRANTS program.

Frequently Asked Questions

If my organization holds a clinic, may we keep the profits from the clinic?
Yes, as long as the profits are expected to be less than $200.
What does MHC expect in return for Direct Funding assistance?
Credit for partial sponsorship of the activity, either printed on the promotional materials or announced at the event.
A written report on the activity (sent within 4 weeks) including items such as number of attendees, pictures, copies of handouts, planned follow-up action, etc., so we can share your good ideas with other horse groups at the MN Horse Expo, and through our newsletter, web site, and annual meeting.
Do I have to be a member of MHC to apply?
No, but we'd welcome you as members!
When can we apply?
Anytime, there is no specific timetable.
When will we get an answer?
Our goal is to complete the evaluations and respond within 14 days.
When will we get the money?
The money is normally paid after the event, when you send in your expenses (unless you make other arrangements).
How do we apply?


Send the application linked-to below to the MHC contact person listed, or call or email them for more information. 


 Printable-fillable .pdf application (click here) 


Or you may write an application using the information below: 

    1. Who you are. (The full name and mailing address or your group, a contact person, their phone number and email.)
    2. Your plan. (A clear and specific description of the project, including how you will publicize it to the public.)
    3. Where and when it will take place. (Location and dates.)
    4. How much are you asking for. (The specific amount, $500 maximum, and indicate what expenses it will cover.)
    5. Acknowledgment. (Tell how you will acknowledge MHC at the event and how you will report on the event afterwards.)
    6. Your signed copy of the AHC Welfare Code Of Practice
    7. The legal non-profit status of your organization. We need a statement, signed by an officer, stating that you are a non-profit organization (IRS status, MN Secretary of State registration, or, if you're not incorporated, your bylaws or rules saying that you are not organized for profit), and that your activities are open to all people, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, etc. (Extensive documentation is not required. A simple statement by an officer is enough.)
    8. Please submit the application via email. Any documents you need for support that you are unable to include in an email can be mailed to the contact below.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! We want to encourage these activities.



Dave Fleischhaker, Chair -- MHC Direct Funding Committee Chair
10300 Brent Avenue, Inver Grove Heights, MN  55077-5026

or call Dave at 651-402-5512

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