Karen Clark -- Minnesota Horse Person of the Year

In January 2018, the Minnesota Horse Coucil extended its highest form of recognition to Karen Clark for her contributions to the Minnesota Horse Industry and to all the people she has helped in her equestrian adventures.

Karen thought about being a nun as a child, but when one of her teachers said she would have to give up her pony, that thought quickly vanished. During her teen years, Karen would ride cross country to the Trail Dusters of Hammel's monthly horse shows. After a time, some of the Trail Dusters felt sorry for her and offered to trailer her horse. From 1969 on, Karen was an active member of both Paint and Pinto groups both locally and nationally. After getting married in 1973 Karen realized she need to create some income or hang up her passion for horses. She became immersed in 4-H, served on the board of the Agricultural Society of Hennipen County, became the horse leader for Hennipen County and was chair for the State 4-H show for two years. Karen began taking in training horses, advertising, and relying on word of mouth to create her business, Rainbow's End. Karen was awarded the Professional Horsewoman of the Year by the Pinto Horse Association in 2015. She was also recognized as the Minnesota Horse Council's Horseperson of the Year in 2018. In the past, she served on the Minnesota Horse Council; helping to develop the Certified Stable Program and was part of the planning and development of the Minnesota Horse Expo.

Karen and her miniature horse, Prince of Faith, visit a local nursing home every month. Karen believes it is an honor in itself to be able to share the love we all have for this industry.

Congratulations Karen Clark!

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