Minnesota Horse Council Announces 2013 Horse Persons of the Year

Bev & Dick Lindeman


Saturday January 18, 2014 the Minnesota Horse Council announced their 2013 Horse Persons of the year recipient.  Criteria for the award includes:


  • Long term, serious commitment to equine activity in the Midwest
  • May be professional or amateur.
  • Should have contributed in many areas, i.e., western shows, English shows, 4-H, Rodeo -- Little Britches and High School, trails, legislation, clinics and other equine related activities.
  • Usually the individual will have been a horse owner for many years although it certainly is not a requirement. (The person could have worked "behind the lines" to great achievement.)
  • A mature individual, "long term commitment."
  • The individual should have excellent character.
  • The individual will likely be recognized by members of many horse-related groups, and perhaps by the general population.


Although neither of them had horses as kids, or even in their early adult years, nothing seems to keep Bev and Dick Lindeman away from what is near and dear to their hearts.  The couple married in 1965, raised their two children and it wasn’t until Dick was at the MN Horse Expo in 1984 and stopped by the Shriner’s booth. It wasn’t long before he had his first horse, Big Red, a chestnut Quarter horse.  He joined the Shriner’s that same year and took to participating in the various activities including parades and other events with the Zuhrah Shrine Horsemen.  Big Red soon became best friends with Glen Eaton’s horse Gambler and needless to say, the two owners became close as well.


Dick and Bev started volunteering at the MN Horse Expo in whatever capacity they were needed and they still do to this very day.  Dick has been doing the invocation at the MN Horse Council Annual Meeting for as long as anyone can remember and says he’ll keep on doing it until we tell him not to. In 1991 Dick stopped in that the Hennepin County Home School to inquire as to what the horses were doing there. In the beginning, he taught several of the residents how to care for a horse as well as basic horsemanship skills. Not too long after that, he noticed a sign in the barn asking for volunteers. It wasn’t long before Dick and Bev were volunteering at We Can Ride, Inc., a therapeutic riding program based out of the Home School. They both still volunteer there at least twice a week, sometimes more. They are the face to the program. They greet parents as well as riders. They help talk through therapy programming with the caregivers and also play a key role in educating other volunteers on horse care and behavior.


Dick has been referred to as a Angels Hero and the couple have even been seen in a long-ago filmed documentary of We Can Ride, Inc which is still aired on public access television.  Dick was given the Kare 11’s Eleven people Who Care award in 1998 for his volunteer work at We Can Ride, Inc. Dick and Bev were referred to in 2011 as ‘constant sources of light ‘ for two vital programs, the Hennepin County Home School and We Can Ride, Inc. They always have smiles on their faces, calm, soothing voices and a willingness to teach anyone that wants to learn. 


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