Minnesota Horse Council Announces 2017 Horse Person of the Year

                                          Karen Clark

 Karen Clark

Karen with Family for Horse Person of the Year Award


 The Minnesota Horse Council takes great pride in awarding this honor to Karen Clark.

 Karen Clark of rural Buffalo has been involved with horses her whole life.  Clark said her 12 years of parochial schooling taught her discipline, respect and her beliefs.

 In 1969, Karen became an active member of Paint and Pinto groups, locally and nationally, and began showing these spotted horses.  In 1973, she began teaching and was off and running with her career in horses!

 She became immersed in 4-H, served on the board of the Agricultural Society for Hennepin County, became the Horse Leader for Hennepin County and at one point, was the chairman for the State 4-H Horse Show for 2 years.  She also served with pride on the board for the Minnesota Horse Council, was instrumental in the development of the Certified Stable program and was on the ground floor of the planning and development of the Minnesota Horse Expo.

 Then life led her into serious Pinto showing.  Names like Call Me Mister, Poco’s Hot Cinder, MS Honeysuckle Rose, Carnivals Rocky Road, I Feel Good, Star Oaks Star Dust, Bittzy Bonanza, Zip to Texas, Chocolate Chip Kisses, all hover with many others through a very colorful life in Pinto.  Rightfully so, the farm that she shares with her husband Ron and a varied group of birds, dogs, cats, mini donkey and many equines of all types and sizes, is named Rainbow’s End.

 On the third Tuesday of each month, Karen and her 28-inch Miniature Horse, Prince of Faith visit a local nursing home.  Prince with his Build A Bear shoes and dressed for the season or holiday, they also dress to match.  Riders and friends come along to chat room by room with all their friends.  She finds it an honor to be able to share the love they all have for this industry.

 A life lesson that she wanted to share is, an early mentor once told her,  “When you are green you’re growing, when you’re ripe you’re rotten.”  She has continued to work and ride with horseman in the know, from dressage to pleasure classes.  She hopes that she never sits back to think she knows it all, because she doesn’t want to be done.

 In 2015, the Pinto Horse Association awarded Karen the honor of Professional Horsewoman of the Year.  Her photo is on display in their museum in Bethany, Oklahoma along with the other recipients.  Currently both the horsewomen and horsemen that have been bestowed this honor are now at the ground floor of creating a Professional’s committee to assist in promoting horse shows and encouraging participation in the horse industry.

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