Certified Stables

Stables certified through the Minnesota Horse Council receive a sign to post at their barn, are listed on this website and in the program given to all Mn Horse Expo attendees as certified, and can advertise themselves as a Minnesota Horse Council Certified Stable.

Description of a Certified Stable:

A certified stable is concerned with the care of the horse and maintains the facility in order to meet the standards of the Certified Stable Program. The stable managers are proud of their facilities and are constantly seeking ways to improve.

Criteria evaluated to achieve certification include the following categories:

  1. Condition of animals on the premises
  2. Condition of shelter facilities
  3. Fire Safety
  4. Feed and forage selection and maintenance
  5. Condition of paddocks and pastures
  6. Plans for prevention & treatment of contagious diseases

Goals of the Certified Stable Program:

  • Facilitate through established standards and continuing education the improvement of quality and safety in the stable industry in Minnesota.
  • Act as a resource and liaison between the horse industry and other areas of agriculture to decrease the costs and increase the quality of products for the stable owner.

Steps to become a Certified Stable:

  1. Review our evaluation criteria. (Certified Stables Evaluation)
  2. Fill out the Application Form. (See Application Form)
  3. Contact the Minnesota Horse Council for an inspection

When applying for certification, stables may be certified, not certified, or placed on a plan of improvement. Stables placed on a plan of improvement have the right to appeal the evaluation by contacting the Chairperson of the Certified Stable Program and scheduling a re-inspection. 
Only stables in Minnesota can be certified.
Rescue facilities or those affiliated with rescues do not qualify for Certification through the MHC Certified Stable Program.  (They have their own MHC Certfied Rescue program.)



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