Grant Application

The Minnesota Horse Council uses the revenue from operating the Minnesota Horse Expo to offer grants to charitable/non-profit equine-related organizations in Minnesota. Grants of up to $7,000 are given as "seed money" to inspire new projects.

Application Schedule

  • By October 1st, all applications are due (received or postmarked)  A receipt will be emailed within 5 days of the Council receiving the Application.
  • During November, grants will be chosen by the Committee
  • During December, grants are approved by the Board, and notification sent to all applicants
  • At the MHC Annual Meeting in January, the grants will be formally announced.
  • Money will be paid only when the project is completed or in progress. This will be arranged between recipient and the Grants Committee Chair. Funds must be used within the year.

Eligible Organizations

  • Equine related.
  • Operating within the state of Minnesota.
  • Non-profit Organization: Federal 501(c)3 or State of Minnesota registered non-profit or charity.
  • Not breed specific.
  • Non-discriminatory practices followed, with equal opportunity for all.
  • Not a previous MHC grant recipient in the past 3 years.
  • Operations congruent with MHC Goals & Objectives:
    • Promote and/or support equine educational activities.
    • Strengthen and facilitate communication among horse-related groups.
    • Provide expertise, consultation, and advice in horse related matters.

Sample Equine-related Topics:

  • Trails, Public & Private
  • Veterinary Health
  • Zoning Regulation
  • Vehicle Safety
  • Stable Safety
  • Legal Concerns of Horse-Owning
  • Legislation
  • Humane Treatment

Eligible Proposals

  • For Capital expenditures to build or expand facilities on non-profit owned/leased property.
  • New projects or services.
  • Expansion of existing projects or services.
  • Research projects.
  • NOT for day-to-day operating expenses!
  • NOT for normal maintenance & upkeep!
  • NOT for year-end awards or hi-point awards!
  • NOT for improvements to privately-owned property!

Applying for a Grant:

Please send the following information directly to the Grants Committee at this address, by either postal mail or email.

MHC Grants Committee
4309 30th Ave So.
Minneapolis, MN 55406-3710
phone: 612/721-1007
email us
  1. A short cover letter, which must include:
    1. name & address of your organization.
    2. name, address, phone number & email of a contact person within your organization.
    3. summary of the organization's history, including a statement of goals and objectives.
    4. description of the organization's current activities, including an indication that they are equine related and not breed-specific.
    5. location of the facilities where you conduct your activities.
    6. description of these facilities, including whether they are owned or leased (from whom & how long a lease).
    7. short summary of the project you are proposing.
    8. short description of the people served by this project (who & how many).
    9. dollar amount you are requesting.
  2. Additional pages with detailed information about your organization:
    1. copy of your most recent operating budget or financial plan.
    2. list of your officers, directors, and managing employees.
    3. Proof that your organization is non-profit/charitable; such as a copy of your IRS 501(c)3 Tax Status or your Minnesota Sales Tax exemption approval or your MN Secretary of State Registration for Business Corporations (MN-SS1) indicating a non-profit charter number. (If not yet received, send a copy of your application.)
    4. Proof that your activities are available to all people regardless of race, religion, age, gender, disability or sexual orientation; for example, a copy of publicity describing your activities which includes such a non-discrimination statement.
  3. Additional pages with detailed information about your proposed project:
    1. clear & specific description of the project (not more than 3 pages).
    2. proposed schedule for the project.
    3. detailed budget giving expenditures to start the project.
    4. description of anticipated operating & maintenance costs for future years, AND details of what income you will use to meet these costs.
    5. clear statement as to who will own & operate this project.

Please include all this information, so we can give your proposal our full consideration.  We will email an acknowledgement within 5 days of receiving your application (contact us if you don't get one).   We will attempt to notify you if some required information is missing, but our volunteer time is limited, so it is your responsibility to include all this information. Please be brief & succinct.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this grant application. 


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