The Minnesota Horse Council uses the revenue from its Minnesota Horse Expo to provide "seed money grants" for new horse projects or programs or for capital improvements by Minnesota horse groups. 

In 1991 the Council decided to set up a regular, formalized process to offer grants each year and to have a standard application format and specified eligibility criteria, so that applicants would know what types of projects are supported by MHC.


Press releases are sent to various horse publications in Minnesota and to most horse related business, organizations in the state announcing the Grants program.

October 1st:
Grant applications are due (received or postmarked). Include a signed copy of the AHC Welfare Code Of Practice

Decisions made by the grants committee.

Grants approved by the Board, and notification sent to all applicants.

Grants are announced at the Minnesota Horse Council Annual Meeting.

During that year:
Grants are paid out. Money will be paid only when the project is completed or in progress. This will be arranged between the recipient and the Grants Committee Chair.  Funds must be used during this calendar year.



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