Horseperson of the Year


This program was started a quarter-century ago as a way to honor some of the outstanding people in the horse industry -- those who stand out from the rest for their contributions to equine activity.


People in the horse industry can nominate people who they think deserve to be named "Horseperson of the Year".

Nomination letters are due.

Selected person is honored at the Minnesota Horse Council Annual Meeting.

A plaque honoring this person is placed in the "Horsemans Hall of Fame" on the wall at the entrance to the Coliseum on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.

Selected person is introduced at the Minnesota Horse Expo.

Nomination Guidelines

Complete list of Horsepersons of the Year

2022      Rae Ann Bartz

2021      Kathy Theissen

2019-2020   Glen Eaton

2018      Dick Kiesner

2017      Karen Clark

2016      Mark Ward

2015      Warren Bengston

2014      Dick Ames

2013      Dick Lindeman

2012      Gary Raak

2011      VeeAnn Wood

2010      Mary Abbott Taylor

2009      Lloyd Anderson

2008      Guy Warner

2007      Miriam Tschida

2006      Dale Froyum

2005      RaeDell Robbins

2004      Roy and Carolyn Shumway

2003      Dr. Bill Sweeney

2002      Walt Westman

2001      Ken Bohlman

2000      Dan Ramberg

1999      Dr Bob Jordan

1998      Dan Dolan

1997      Joan & Roger Berg

1996      Ed Dauphinais

1995      Milton Strand

1994      Mona Bonham

1993      Victoria Inget

1992      William Walsh

1991      Ernie Wood

1990      Benny VanCleve

1989      Pat Jensen

1988      Valera Purcell

1987      Orv Volkman

1986      Ev Speltz

1985      Judy Jensen

1984      Edwin J. Anderson

1983      Duane Chinander

1982      Elmer R. Jones

1981      W. Schroeder DVM

1980      Lavarre Hollingsworth

1979      Tony Gasser

1978      Fran Reker

1977      Verlin Balfanz

1976      Rev. Lloyd Fortin

1975      Fred Korger

1974      Lloyd Borq

1973      Keith Bartz

1972      Win Rockwell

1971      Oscar Danielson

1970      Louie Klugman


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