Minnesota Horse Council/Tony Gasser Memorial Scholarship Application


Several educational scholarships (up to 11) of $3,000 are offered each year.  
This information has been updated, please read carefully before applying.


  1. Applicants majoring in or planning to major in any equine-related field of study.
  2. High school senior or older. (Scholarships are divided between undergrad and graduate students.)
  3. Minnesota resident.


  1. Application materials are due by November 1st.  Late applications will not be accepted.
  2. Awarding of the scholarship will take place at the Minnesota Horse Council annual membership meeting in January.
  3. Scholarships will be paid in the name of the recipient and the school involved.
  4. The names & fields of study of each scholarship recipient will be published in press releases and on our internet web page (www.MnHorseCouncil.org).


  1. Three (3) letters of recommendation (no more than 1 page each, please) from individuals who are familiar with the applicant's equine experience & ability, leadership ability, and/or scholarship.
  2. Proof of acceptance or enrollment from the school where the scholarship will be used (required only after awarding of the scholarship).
  3. Official High School or College transcript showing GPA for at least one academic year.  This may take weeks, so plan ahead.


  1. Equine background
  2. Leadership
  3. Scholastic achievement
  4. Sense of direction in furthering education. 
    If you have won a scholarship before, tell us what you’ve accomplished or continued since then.


(Please try to limit your answers to the following to 2 pages.)


  1. Date of application.
  2. Name.
  3. Date of Birth.
  4. Your mailing address, telephone, and email address (at school).
  5. Home mailing address, telephone, and email address.
  6. Name and address of school you are now attending or will be attending.
  7. Present educational status (high-school senior, college freshman, etc.)
  8. To help us in distributing information and application blanks, please tell us how you found out about this scholarship.
  9. Official transcript showing GPA.
  10. Are you a member of the Mn Horse Council? (not required, but we'd welcome you).


  1. Describe your past and present involvement with horses and the horse industry.
  2. State your reasons for deciding to study in your chosen field, and your future educational & occupational plans.
  3. Tell how this scholarship will help you continue your service to the horse industry.
  4. Describe your leadership experience (kinds of activities, offices held, special activities, etc.).
  5. State your educational history and Field of major.  (Please explain acronyms!)
  6. Describe how you plan to finance your education.
  7. In no more than 200 words, describe your one most meaningful horse-related experience, and why.



            Be professional.  Think and plan ahead, especially for official transcripts & recommendation letters.  You are responsible for getting all materials to us on time.  Please print only on one side of the paper and no staples.  You don’t need fancy paper or covers, binding, etc.


All scholarship applications and letters of recommendations should be mailed* to:

 MHC Scholarship Committee
  c/o Trina Joyce, Chair
  3035 34th Ave S
  Minneapolis, MN 55406-2103

*Please do not send by Priority or Express mail.
If you have questions, call Trina Joyce at 612-729-7798.


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