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  • Certified Rescue | Minnesota Horse Coun

    Certified Rescue As aid to those individuals that want to donate time, money or resources to equine rescue facilities, the Minnesota Horse Council believes it is imperative to identify and recognize rescues that meet standards of care. In order to become certified, a rescue facility must show they have non-profit status (501 (c) (3)) and that they meet or exceed the AAEP guidelines for equine rescues and retirement facilities. The guidelines are available at . The Minnesota Horse Council lists the following stables and rescue organizations that meet its certification guidelines but does not warrant or endorse these organizations for any other purpose. To date, these rescue organizations have met our standards: ​ Sundown Horse Shelter in Hugo Contact: Cherie Mackenzie MN Hooved Animal Rescue in Zimmerman Contact: Drew Fitzpatrick MN Retired Racehorse Project in Savage Contact: Jen Selvig This Old Horse at Wishbone Ranch in Hastings Contact: Nancy Turner ​ Haven Acres in Hampton contact: Jennifer Heath ​ Save The Brays Donkey Rescue in Milaca contact: ​ If you are a rescue facility that would like to be certified, please review the guidelines at and then email our Certified Rescues Program by phone at 763-755-7729 or by mail at: P.O. Box 96 Monticello, MN 55362-0096

  • Resources | Minnesota Horse Coun

    Information and Resources relevant for horse owners and enthusiasts. ​ Resources Programs for Riders With Disabilities ​ Equine Education Opportun ities Riding Lessons Equine Indoor Facilities Ho rse Rentals/Trail Rides Disaster Response Team MN Horsemen's Directory

  • Aisle of Breeds | Minnesota Horse Coun

    Aisle of Breeds The Minnesota Horse Council and the Minnesota Horse Expo, in conjunction with the Minnesota State Fair, has a display in the south entrance to the Horse Barn during the Minnesota State Fair. We have ten stalls (one for supplies) that are decorated for the event. Horse owners volunteer to bring different breeds of horses to the Aisle of Breeds (at no charge) for display and for the general public to view and learn more about the different breeds of horses. Horses usually stay from one to three days. ​ A current Coggins test is required (and a Health Certificate if out of state - except Wisconsin). The owner of the animal (horses, mules, and donkeys) are encouraged to have a table and chairs in front of stalls to provide breed information, and where the horse is from. TV's are welcome. Two State Fair tickets are given each day to the animal owners and there is free parking for horse trailers (no motor homes). The State Fair for 2024 is August 22nd through September 2nd If you are interested in participating contact Gayle Belden Email . ​

  • Pioneer Award | Minnesota Horse Coun

    Pioneer Award The Minnesota Horse Council honors worthy individuals posthumously with the Pioneer Award, and places his or her photo on a special wall in the Coliseum on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds for that year. The person to be nominated should be special, someone who has contributed in the past to the horse industry in Minnesota, and who was a model for others. ​ Of course, the Minnesota Horse Council directors do not know all the horse people from the past, so the person who is selected for the Pioneer Award is usually nominated by one or more people who did know them and recognized the nominee as worthy of this honor. ​ Some Selection Criteria: Long term, serious commitment to equine activity in Minnesota. May be either professional or amateur horseperson. Should have contributed in many areas, for example, western shows, English show, 4-H, Little Britches or High-school rodeo, trails, carriage driving, equestrian legislation, clinics, or other equine related activities. (This should be not just within a single breed or discipline, but many areas.) Usually the individual will have been a horse owner for many years, although it certainly is not a requirement. (They could have worked "behind the lines" to great achievement.) The individual is deceased. The nominee had excellent character. The individual will likely be remembered by members of many horse-related groups, and perhaps even by the general population. ​ Application Procedures Write a letter nominating that special individual. Clearly indicate reasons why the person meets the above requirements. Be accurate; facts will be checked. Include only information that you personally know about, don't repeat "stories" about this person unless you were there when it happened. Ask others who knew the individual to also send letters telling why they think the person should be given the Pioneer Award. But don't flood the committee with similar letters. Try to get letters from people who can give other examples of why the person should be selected. Ask people from other breeds or equine disciplines to send in letters. Board Resolutions from equine organizations are also acceptable, but it's often more impressive to the committee if instead each member takes a minute to write down one personal example that shows why they think the individual should be selected. Include in the letter contact info for the family member(s) who will be available to accept the award (their name, current address and phone number (including area code), and email (if they have one).) Send your letter to this address (postmarked by July 1st): ​ Pioneer Horseman Award Committee Minnesota Horse Council P.O. Box 96 Monticello, MN 55362-0096 ​ or email Past Pioneer Award Recipients The Minnesota Horse council is honored to r ecognizes the Pioneer Award recipients for their legacy and lasting impact their lives have had on the individuals as well as the horse industry . 2022- Melvin (Bud) Dorsey 2021- Bill Villella 2021- Nancy Elizabeth (Eastman) Duggan 2019- Gloria Enger 2018- Vic Myers 2016- Lloyd Landkamer 2015- Barb Ahrens 2015- Reed Kettlewell 2015- Irv Parker 2013- Louise “WeeZee” Miner 2012- Larry Oatman 2011- Walt Westman 2011- Richard F Bol 2011- Selmer Jacobson 2010- Lyle Anderson 2009- Norm Strohfus 2008- Stanley D. Sahlstrom 2007- Earle Dickinson 2006- Bill Robbins 2005- Max Bon Bluecher 2004- Ronald Charles Davis 2002- Paul John Riley 2001- Daniel Gainey 2001- Wade Page

  • Minnesota Horse Council Foundation | Minnesota Horse Coun

    Minnesota Horse Council Foundation The MHC Foundation’s purpose is to provide funding for the charitable activities and priorities of the Minnesota Horse Council. MHC Foundation is recognized by the IRS as a charity under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The MHC Foundation supports the programs of the Minnesota Horse Council. If horses are your passion, consider supporting these initiatives and the development of new ones with a donation or bequest by including MHC Foundation in your estate plan. For more information, please visit the official MHC Foundation website .

  • Horse Person of the Year | Minnesota Horse Coun

    Horse Person of the Year The horse industry is filled with exemplary individuals who dedicated year of their time, attention, and resources and have made a significant impact on the industry as well as others around them. However, much of the time, these individuals sacrifice, and effort goes unrecognized and unnoticed. The Horse Person of the Year Award began a quarter-century ago as a way to recogniz e and honor outstanding individuals in the horse industry and highlight the impact they have had. ​ D o you know a special person who should be considered for the honor of Horseperson of the Year? Consider nominating someone by first reviewing the criteria as a guide for nomination ! ​ Some criteria: Long term, serious commitment to equine activity in the Midwest May be professional or amateur. Should have contributed to many areas, i.e., western shows, English shows, 4-H, Rodeo -- Little Britches and High School, trails, legislation, clinics and other equine related activities. Usually, the individual will have been a horse owner for many years although it certainly is not a requirement. (The person could have worked "behind the lines" to great achievement.) A mature individual, "long term commitment." The individual should have excellent character. The individual will likely be recognized by members of many horse-related groups, and perhaps by the general population. Write a letter nominating that special individual. Clearly write reasons why the individual meets the above requirements. Be accurate; facts will be checked. Please note current members of the Board of Directors of the Minnesota Horse Council are NOT eligible for consideration. ​ Entries must be postmarked no later than November 1st. Send your letter to: ​ HORSEPERSON OF THE YEAR COMMITTEE Karen Clark, Co-Chairperson 763-682-5324 Judy Jensen, Co-Chairperson 763-972-6397 ​ Past Horse Person of the Year Recipients The Minnesota Horse council would like to congratulate the Recipients of the Horse Person of the Year Award for their longstanding dedication and commitment to the horse industry. ​ 2023 - Eleanor Hamilton 2022 - Rae Ann Bartz 2021 - Kathy Theissen 2019, 2020 - Glen Eaton 2018- Dick Kiesner 2017 - Karen Clark 2016 - Mark Ward 2015 - Warren Bengston 2014 - Dick Ames 2013 - Dick Lindeman 2012 - Gary Raak 2011 - VeeAnn Wood 2010 - Mary Abbott Taylor 2009 - Lloyd Anderson 2008 - Guy Warner 2007 - Miriam Tschida 2006 - Dale Froyum 2005 - RaeDel Robbins 2004 - Roy & Carolyn Shumway 2003 - Dr. Bill Sweeney 2002 - Walt Westman 2001 - Ken Bohlman 2000 - Dan Ramberg 1999 - Dr. Bob Jordan 1998 - Dan Dolan 1997 - Jean & Roger Berg 1996 - Ed Dauphinais 1995 - Milton Strand 1994 - Mona Bonham 1993 - Victoria Inget 1992 - William Walsh 1991 - Ernie Wood 1990 - Benny VanCleve 1989 - Pat Jensen 1988 - Valera Purcell 1987 - Orv Volkman 1986 - Ev Speltz 1985 - Judy Jensen 1984 - Edwin J. Anderson 1983 - Duane Chinander 1982 - Elmer R. Jones 1981 - W. Schroeder DVM 1980 - Lavarre Hollingsworth 1979 - Tony Gasser 1978 - Fran Reker 1977 - Verlin Balfanz 1976 - Rev. Lloyd Fortin 1975 - Fred Korger 1974 - Lloyd Berg 1973 - Keith Bartz 1972 - Win Rockwell 1971 - Oscar Danielson 1970 - Louie Klugman

  • Program Activities | Minnesota Horse Coun

    Program Activities The Minnesota Horse Council facilitates activities that promote and improve the Minnesota equine community through program activities listed below. Certified Stables Certified Rescues Trails MN High School Equestrian Association Aisle of Breeds MN Horse Expo Minnesota Horse Council Foundation

  • Trails | Minnesota Horse Coun

    Trails Over 10 years ago, the Minnesota Horse Council recognized that horse trail issues were becoming an ever-larger part of its activities, significant enough that the Council decided to form a sub-committee to help provide support and financial backing for the maintenance and development of equine trails. This was the start of the MHC Trail Blazers. ​ The MHC Trail Blazers works to support state trails by acting as a liaison in two main areas: ​ We represent horse people in various statewide trail organizations. The Trail Blazers has been actively involved in organizations such as the MN Recreational Trail Users Association and the MN Parks & Trails Council. We also represent equestrian trail users before the Minnesota Legislature on matters such as landowner liability on trails and appropriations for parks and trails funding. We serve as a liaison between government bodies and local trails organizations. The Trail Blazers have developed good relationships and contacts with the MN Department of Natural Resources and the federal wilderness area managers. We recognize that we cannot ourselves deal with each trail state-wide; that is best done by the local trail user groups. What the Trail Blazers can do is provide advice to local trails groups, put them in contact with the right trail manager, and when necessary, intervene with someone at the state office. ​ Application procedures To begin the application process, please call of the Trail Blazer members list below. The procedure for applying for trails assistance varies depending on the project. Through the direct contacting process, we can then tell you what information is needed to apply for Minnesota Horse Council funds to assist in your specific trails project. There is no specific deadline for submitting requests for funding; each request will be evaluated as it is received. Our Trails committee will try to give a preliminary response within 1 month of receiving the request for funding. However, trail work is frequently done in cooperation with the state or federal government, or as matching funds. Major trail projects often require lengthy planning and approvals; projects sometimes take 2 to 3 years of planning before actual work on the trail begins. ​ For more information/resources regarding trails in Minnesota please visit the DNR Horseback Riding information page . Also visit the Minnesota Horse Pass page to see more information regarding Horse Pass information and purchase options. ​ ​ ​

  • Recognition | Minnesota Horse Coun

    Recognition The Minnesota Horse Council recognizes and honors outstanding individuals and horses in the Minnesota equine community through the awards listed below. Horse Person of the Year Horse of the Year Pioneer Award

  • MHSEA | Minnesota Horse Coun

    Minnesota High School Equestrian Association The Minnesota High School Equestrian Association is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation whose mission is to promote equestrian disciplines as a high school team sport with an emphasis on education, citizenship and recognition of equestrian athletes in a wide variety of equestrian disciplines. The program is administered by the Minnesota Horse Council and provides Varsity and JV recognition to riders of many disciplines. Members who attend a school that has approved and recognizes the MHSEA Program will be eligible for Varsity or, in some cases JV, recognition from their school. ​ For more information, please visit the Minnesota High School Equestrian Association website. For exciting updates and opportunities , follow the official Minnesota High School Equestrian Association Facebook page !

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