PATIENCE — Have patience on the trails with children, the elderly, handicapped individuals, and puppies.

ANNOUNCE YOURSELF — When you pass someone on a bicycle or in-line skaters, pass to the left. Slower traffic should stay to the right, and should announce, "Passing left."

PACK OUT WHAT YOU PACK IN — Plan on carrying your own garbage out with you. There is no budget for maintaining and emptying trail receptacles.

ANIMAL ETIQUETTE — Pets should be on a six foot least. "Pack out" your pet's waste. Horseback riders should stay off the blacktop path during all four seasons. Horse hooves and droppings disrupt winter skiers and summer bicyclists.

YIELD — Horses yield to carriages.

MOVE ASIDE TO CHAT — Move off the trail to converse with friends so you don't block traffic behind or in front of you.

SINGLE FILE — When someone is approaching you from either direction, single file is advised where necessary.

SMELL THE ROSES — But not on private property.


RESPECT — I will respect the landowners and their property.

LITTER — I will not litter the land, and will pick up litter along the trails and dispose of it properly.

BEHAVIOR — I will behave with decorum so as not to endanger the lives of myself, my companions, landowners, pets or livestock. I will avoid becoming a nuissance to the landowners.

LEGALITIES — I will assume full responsibility for my own welfare and that of my horse when crossing land with the landowner's permission. I will adhere to the rules of the facility.

ALCOHOL OR DRUGS — I will not ride while intoxicated.

DOGS — I will not allow a dog to accompany me while riding across private property.

CROP RESPECT — I will treat landowners crops with respect, not trampling them or allowing my horse to eat them.

TRAILS — I will ride so that a designated trail will not be made unnecessarily wider.

WEAPONS — I will not carry or use weapons of any kind.

RESPONSIBILITY — I will accept full responsibility for the actions of children under the age of 18, and those of my guests.

PRIVATE TRAILS — I will ride on private trails only in small groups with respect to the landowner.

MAINTENANCE — I will spend a given number of hours per year helping establish and maintaining trails to which the group has been granted access.

DAMAGE CONTROL — I will not cut fences, vandalize property, or leave gates other than the way they were found. I will notify the landowner if I discover broken fences or loose livestock and help in any way I can.

WINTER COURTESY — I will avoid messing ski trails with hoof-prints or droppings. Skiers should leave room for a horse to pass alongside.

SMOKING — I will be cautious when smoking or building fires.

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