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Aisle of Breeds

The Minnesota Horse Council and the Minnesota Horse Expo, in conjunction with the Minnesota State Fair, has a display in the south entrance to the Horse Barn during the Minnesota State Fair. We have ten stalls (one for supplies) that are decorated for the event. Horse owners volunteer to bring different breeds of horses to the Aisle of Breeds (at no charge) for display and for the general public to view and learn more about the different breeds of horses. Horses usually stay from one to three days.

A current Coggins test is required (and a Health Certificate if out of state - except Wisconsin). The owner of the animal (horses, mules, and donkeys) are encouraged to have a table and chairs in front of stalls to provide breed information, and where the horse is from. TV's are welcome. Two State Fair tickets are given each day to the animal owners and there is free parking for horse trailers (no motor homes).

The State Fair for 2024 is August 22nd through September 2nd If you are interested in participating contact Gayle Belden Email

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