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Through grants, the Minnesota Horse Council provides support to a variety of equine related endeavors. This not only provides support but creates a lasting impact that reaches far beyond the present. The grant program was established with three main goals in mind:

  • In keeping with the MHC mission, help support clubs, associations and organizations.

  • Promote the Minnesota Horse Council to Minnesota horse people and make them more aware of the MHC programs.

  • Obtain more memberships by having membership sign-ups at events.


Over the years the MHC has supported many types of projects including Horse Shows, Club/Association Dinners, Organized Trail Rides, Fundraisers, and multi clinician Educational Clinics. To continue the support of the grant program, the Minnesota Horse Council uses the revenue from its Minnesota Horse Expo to provide "seed money grants" for new horse projects or programs or for capital improvements by Minnesota horse groups. In 1991 the Council moved to set up a regular, formalized process to offer grants each year and to have a standard application format and specified eligibility criteria, so that applicants would know what types of projects are supported by MHC.  The yearly grants have continued each year to present day with over $1,326,661 for a total of 368 grants since its inception. If interested in applying, please view the application for further details on the grant requirements and application details.

Grant Application

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